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Jr. Programs

GTA is dedicated to providing tennis programs for junior players of all ages and ability to learn the fundamentals of tennis and advance their playing skills in a supportive and fun environment.

Jr. Team Tennis

USTA Jr. Team Tennis is a league for kids ages 4-18 that combines the challenge and fun of playing tennis with the educational and character-building aspects of team sports. Jr. Team Tennis gets kids involved in the game by allowing them to learn the fundamentals of tennis—serving, rallying and scoring—by taking part in the action.

And most importantly, USTA Jr. Team Tennis is incredibly fun. Kids stick with it because they can practice and play with their friends in an enjoyable and team-friendly atmosphere, all while improving their strokes, technique and strategy. That combination keeps kids coming back to play and learn again and again, in turn developing a lasting relationship with our lifetime sport.

Jr. Tennis Clinics

This clinic is for the tennis player who wants to extend their basic fundamentals to a higher level as well as develop some physical and conditioning skills. This player does have some match play experience. This program utilizes competitive games to simulate actual match situations. Players continue to learn proper stroke technique and game strategies.

Beginner/Beginner Advanced
This program is designed specifically for the 11-18 player who is interested in learning tennis. The Beginner/Advanced Beginner Clinic is designed to develop the player to rally and play out points. The clinic emphasizes basic fundamental stroke technique and footwork skills.  Players learn not only to hit the ball correctly, but also proper court positioning and placement to set them on the path to successful point playing.