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Have You Thought About Being a GTA Volunteer?

Most people volunteer because they are asked. The reasons behind the yes are as varied as the people saying the yes. Some want to be part of a specific organization because they believe in the cause. Others want to give back to society or support their children’s interest. Many want to have social contact with a specific group of people. A few need some specific experience for a career or a job. Some like to use their creative and leadership abilities to make a difference. Do you see your reason here?

What does the volunteer receive for donating this precious commodity, time? Many receive the sense of achievement, of doing their best while measuring themselves against others, producing excellence and taking calculated risks. Some have the feeling of affiliation, of being accepted and liked, of enjoyable relationships and interactions, of working together with a concern for others and a desire to know fellow workers. Others are looking for the power to impact and influence, to be independent in their work, to attempt the impossible to achieve status and privilege.

Many people volunteer, from parents of Jr. players, high school or college kids looking for career insight or experience to the mature or retired who wants to use skills away from the job.

GTA volunteers can serve in a wide variety of areas (jr team tennis, tournaments, school programs, tournaments, committees, board, etc.), wherever activity is occurring.

Depending upon your interests and schedule of program.

Just email us at [email protected] and tell us about your interests and where you would like to volunteer.


Jr. Team Tennis Coaches
Coach plays the most important role in motivating a player and teaching the skills that a player will have for a lifetime. Coaches serve as role models and demonstrate the behaviors that players will emulate. Coaching new students is tremendously rewarding. Any successful coach has a plan and a base of knowledge that will help players improve their skills, have fun and develop a love of the game.

Becoming a Coach for Jr. Team Tennis
GTA is looking for individuals that are interested in coaching a junior tennis team in the Jr. Team Tennis program. You do not have to be an expert tennis player to coach; however, you have to be patient and enjoy working with you juniors. You will be required to take a background check.